types.h File Reference

#include <stdint.h>

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Data Structures

union  addr64_t
 This union helps transfering pointers between PPE and the SPE. More...


#define dump(x, fmt)   printf("%s:%u: %s=" fmt "\n", __FILE__, __LINE__, #x, x)
 Dump variable with format string.

Detailed Description

Ruben Niederhagen (ruben@polycephaly.org)

Definition in file types.h.

Define Documentation

#define dump ( x,
fmt   )     printf("%s:%u: %s=" fmt "\n", __FILE__, __LINE__, #x, x)

Dump variable with format string.

The given variable is dumped with information about file and line via printf. A format string must be given for correct output.

x Variable to dump.
fmt Formant string for printf.

Given the file 'example.c':

 void main()
   int i = 5;

   dump(i, %i");

This will give the output:

example.c:5: i=5

Definition at line 58 of file types.h.

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